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15 May 2009 @ 05:52 pm
Esme's brow furrrowed as she glanced at the clock. They should have been home by now. Her stomach clenched as she thought of the possibilities - so many things could go wrong. She relaxed. No, nothing out of the ordinary - she would have heard the sirens. The phone rang and she answered it. It was Emmet. He quickly gave her a rundown of where everyone else was and she relaxed. She had a few more hours to write before anyone would be home. Carlisle had an emergency surgery at the hospital so he would also be late.

10 May 2009 @ 10:53 pm

Edward waited for Bella at the door of her last class. He wanted to make sure that he caught her so that he could talk to her more and introduce her to Alice. Edward wanted to wait a bit so that Alice could get Jasper could arrive at the detention room. Edward also knew that Alice would need some time to calm Jasper.

When Bella exited through her classroom's door, Edward stepped up to her and said, "Hi Bella. Mind if we talk for a bit before you head home?"
02 May 2009 @ 12:06 am

After a long morning, it was finally time for lunch. Edward hurried down to the cafeteria, wanting to catch Bella before she had time to sit with her friends.

Edward grabbed the same table he and Bella sat at before and again, he made sure that Bella's back would be facing his siblings' table. Edward put his note that Carlisle or Esme had to sign for his being late to his homeroom class into his bag and pulled out a brown paper bag that contained his "lunch" and waited. Edward thought about what had happend this morning. After the terrible morning Jasper had, Edward was not sure whether Alice would be coming to say hello to Bella during lunch. If she did not, Edward would ensure she got to by the end of the day.

When Edward saw Bella enter the cafeteria, he smiled and waved at her.
Jasper stood in the parking lot, waiting for Alice and Edward to get out of the car, hoping desperately for a glimpse of Bella to prove to him he did not ruin everything. He was filled with guilt that he had made Edward late, but was trying not to let that leak out on Alice. He didn't want her to know how horrible he felt right now, for he knew it would only make her more worried about him. And he didn't really want her worried about him. She had enough things on her mind right now, with Bella and Edward...he had never meant to add more to her plate.

He clutched his bookbag tightly, a blue and black North Face messenger bag that Alice had bought him a few years back. The fact that it was from her, that she had chosen it, gave it special powers in Jasper's mind.

"We're late," he said softly. "I'm so sorry, Alice. I'm so sorry for everything."
27 April 2009 @ 09:59 pm

When Edward got home from Bella's house, his family was nowhere to be found. Of course, Edward could hear their thoughts but he tuned them out. His family were busy with their spouses and Edward wanted to respect their privacy, as much as he could. Edward went up to his room and changed.

Edward sat at his table and wrote in his journal. He had the ending of the song he had been working on the piano. He thought of the ending to his piece while watching Bella sleep. Using Bella's steady heartbeat and her breathing as a metronome, he had created the ending to his song. Glancing at his clock, however, testing it out on the piano would have to wait. It was time to leave for school.

Edward gathered his books and headed back downstairs. He waited around for his siblings to see if anyone wanted a ride.
26 April 2009 @ 10:23 pm

Edward enjoyed his run to Bella's house. He did not hear any concious thoughts in the neighbourhood. Of course, he had no way of knowing if Bella was asleep. Edward climbed the tree outside Bella's room effortlessly and waited. He made sure that he was well hidden in the shadows so that if Bella happened to look out her window, he would not be discovered. The window was open a little. Edward wanted to wait until he heard Bella start talking in her sleep before he went in.

Strangely, Edward enjoyed watching Bella sleep. He found it facsinating. It gave him the opportunity to hear Bella's thoughts. Edward smirked at the thought that lately it seemed as though Bella's dreams centered around him.

I know how you feel Bella. My every thought is about you. Edward thought as he continued to wait.