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16 June 2009 @ 09:46 pm
each to his own thoughts....  
-------- Emmett --------

After leaving Rosalie in the music room, Emmett headed up the stairs, towards Carlisle's office. He knew Carlisle had spoken to Rose in the music room before him, but now hoped that Carlisle had retired else where.

Even if he hadn't, Emmett would look at the photos in silence.

Emmett had never really thought about the "Bella Situation" before. He had Rose, why should anything else annoy him? But somehow, it upset Rosalie. And if it upset her, it upsets him.

His feet hit the ground heavily. For a normal human, they wouldn't have hurt anything, but he knew, his feet stepped on the ground heavier than his family's. They just learnt to accept it, with him being the biggest of them all.

The more Emmett thought about the Bella Situation, the more confused he got. He liked her, for someone he didn't know. He didn't like her, because she upset his wife. He liked her, because Edward liked her. He didn't like her, because she was human and thus temptation.

It was a cycle.

And that was why Emmett was heading towards Carlisle's office. If it's a cycle, then it's happened before. In history. The answer had to be in Carlisle's pictures.
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Kelly Farrelly: Carlisle-hotedwardsvamplove on June 23rd, 2009 07:18 pm (UTC)

Carlisle looked up as he felt Emmett's presence.

"Something bothering you Emmett?" Carlisle asked like a concerned parent. He felt each and every one of the vampires in the house his family.
honeyellehoneyelle on July 2nd, 2009 04:29 am (UTC)
Emmett smiled. He should have known better than to hope to be alone. Not that he minded sharing the space with Carlisle.

"I just don't know about the Bella situation. Rose is upset. I don't want that. But Edward's happy. I want that for him. Yet it could expose us. I don't want to move. My head is spinning and Jazz is with Alice so I can't even hunt with him, and that usually quietens the head." Emmett took a breath he didn't need. He looked to Carlisle.

(OCC: sorry it took so long for a reply! I'm holidaying in Europe at the moment and found some internet this morning. ... plus I wasn't exactly sure what I wanted Emmett to say. :D )
Kelly Farrelly: Carlisle-hotedwardsvamplove on July 6th, 2009 07:57 pm (UTC)

Carlisle smiled at Emmett. "I know you are worried about Edward and the situation with Bella. But I am confident that Edward will do the right thing. Rosalie will be fine. She is strong. I know you love her and are worried about her, but I am sure that Edward's decision will be in the best interest of this family."

Carlisle rose from his chair and placed his hand on Emmett's shoulder. Sensing that maybe Emmett needed some time alone. He left his office to find Esme.

(tis alright, hope mine was alright LOL)