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Cullen Family RPG Formerly Equinox

A Twilight RPG

A Twilight RPG, formerly Equinox
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This is a RPG group based on Stephenie Meyer's "Twilight" series.
This is a RPG group based on Stephenie Meyer's "Twilight" series. It is strictly canon through Eclipse but more freedom is allowed after that.

There is NO AU/AH aspect to this RP. "Twilight" is about vampires, and that's what we're going to be RPing. Sorry. Humans are allowed, of course, but these will be along the lines of high school students, Charlie, Renée, etc. People who were actually human in the book.

The following characters are taken:

Jasper played by sammiifer
Rosalie played by snitchster
Alice played by sirenprincess
Edward played by bookworm84
Bella played by not_for_stars
Emmett played by honeyelle
Angela played by kysrinaria
Charlie Swan played by kysrinaria
Jessica Stanley played by odilla
Carlisle Cullen payed by edwardsvamplove
Esme Cullen played by feather_7
Embry Call played by sammiifer
Jacob Black played by cifan70


1. No god-modding. What is god-modding? God-modding is when you cause another player's character to do something without the player's permission. This can range from making a character smile at something you say all the way to having your character kill another. In this RP, ALL god-modding is EXPRESSLY FORBIDDEN. This is because even an action you think is very minor (for instance, smiling) may not be minor to others. For example, my Jasper is not someone who smiles frequently. If someone else makes him smile in their post, it could pull him pretty severely out of character and make me type a whole post trying to explain why he did that. So you may only act for another character if you have the EXPRESS PERMISSION of that character's player.

2. Watch the swearing. I understand that sometimes a bit of swearing might be necessary for various reasons. Swear occasionally if you need to in order to stay in character. Please, however, don't swear every other word and keep this board PG-13.

3. Know when to fade to black. Again, PG-13.

4. Don't take things that happen in RP personally. If I was to make a post where Jasper yelled at Edward for some reason, then the RPer playing Edward needs to understand that is Jasper yelling at Edward and not me yelling at Edward's player.. This is like acting, and you need to be able to separate yourself from your character. In my eleven years of RP, I have killed my best friend and played characters who were madly in love with people I couldn't stand. Please be sure you separate IC and OOC.

5. A RP post needs to be at least three lines long. And this is a bare minimum. Don't just answer "ok" or "sounds good." Give the other players something to work with. Describe what your character is thinking, or feeling, or seeing, or experiencing. Tell us what s/he's wearing, what the weather's like. There's not much the other person can do with a few words. In acting, you can play off the other character's body language. In here, you have to bring that body language to us.

6. Please try to write using proper grammar and complete sentences.

7. Stay in character. Don't have your character do ridiculous or impossible things. No Rosalie coming on to Edward, or Jasper suddenly deciding he likes Bella better. If you're playing a canon character, play them canon. If you want to do something else, create an original character.

Ok, now that that's out of the way, here's how to apply for a character:

Applying to play a character is a several step process. Those steps are as follows.

1. Fill out the following character sheet:

CHARACTER RACE (vampire, werewolf, human):

Be detailed - it's nice to know that someone cares enough to really think about their character!

Then, just to see how you write, we'd like to have a short sample (100 words) from your character's point of view to the following situation:

You're Bella Swan and have just discovered that the boy that you've been crushing over is a vampire.

Then, e-mail this to pinkowitch@hotmail.com. After your character has been approved (we will do this as quickly as possible, I promise), post this character sheet in the "characters" forum, so people can see your take on the character.

We may ask you to change something on your character sheet - please don't take this personally. Just trying to keep stuff fun for everyone!

And just some simple rules for creating a character (this especially applies to Original Characters, which are allowed, but under stricter scrutiny. We don't need any Mary Sues other than Bella, thanks. ;)).

1. Beware the Mary-Sue/Gary Stu disaster! We will be watching every character application closely, as well as reading all the RPG to make sure that we stay as far away from these as possible. Mary-Sues ruin the fun for everyone, and that sort of perfect, better-than-the-canon-characters character is not permitted on this board.

2. Relatives of canon characters are strictly controlled, meaning they may be allowed, but only in very specific circumstances. Bella and Edward have no siblings, and none will be allowed. Watch the ages with relatives of any of the others - remember, you're talking about great-great-great-great-grandnieces and nephews with Jasper, for example. None of the possible distant relatives of the Cullens can be vampires, or know that the Cullens are.

3. Watch the sob-stories. Not everyone has a horrible life or childhood. Some people were raised by parents who didn't beat them! Be creative, but don't push the melodrama.